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The surfing community is benefiting from the ability to create and distribute televisual content without the geographic restrictions imposed by broadcasters. While the sport may not attract prime time audiences, it still has a loyal and substantial following. Brands that wish to align themselves with surfers have for some time moved beyond sponsorship to help facilitate bringing coverage to fans.

Surf player

Surfing can make spectacular viewing, but there are periods where that wave ride doesn’t eventuate. Content creators for the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing have addressed this reality. Audiences can immerse themselves in a narrative of the event or snack on a few highlights. Through clicking an icon viewers can jump to top score waves, wipeouts, shots of the crowd (for spotting mates) interviews and other options.

One can easily see how this approach could apply to other sports and how very soon it might be activated by the click of a television remote, or touch of a screen.


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