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A recent New Yorker magazine article “Outside the Box” details the impact of digital in the television industry.

It tells the story of the rise of Netflix and also offers many insights on the current pace of change and how audiences are consuming content including the following:

 During peak hours Netflix accounts for more than thirty per cent of all Internet down-streaming traffic in North America.

 The audience for the broadcast networks is a third of what it was in the late seventies.

 The “busiest tv platform” in the world is Google’s YouTube which has a billion unique visitors watching six billion hours of video every month.

 YouTube claims that forty per cent of its views are on mobile devices (up 6 per cent from 2011).

Netflix collects data on how quickly subscribers watch episodes and how many they watch in one night. The average viewer watches two and a half episodes in one setting.

In households with a digital video recorder half to two-thirds skip ads.

Time Warner has lost cable subscribers in each of the past 18 quarters.

The only certainty in the US market is sports and appointment viewing of live events.

New Yorker

For the article see the February 3rd 2014 issue of The New Yorker.

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