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Yahoo have come up with an entertaining way to create a following for “Screen”, their competitor to YouTube. They’ve formed a partnership with concert promoter Live Nation to stream a concert a day for 365 days.  That means kiwis, along with other global music fans, can sit in lounge and watch acts the calibre of Ray LaMontage playing live in the States.


Connect via HDMI or wireless screen sharing for a big screen experience.

This is yet another example of disruption in the televisual space with premium content being distributed via live streaming. Yahoo are tapping into the same appeal of “liveness” which draws audiences to television sports events. Rather than attempting to gain attention with a few blockbuster events, the strategy is to create an expectation that “Screen” where live events can be found… everyday. The idea is to establish Yahoo Screen as a reliable entertainment channel that competes for attention with broadcast and subscriber TV.  Segments from the shows will be archived on the site for 90 days.

The production quality is excellent. While it can’t replicate the shared fan experience of being at the event, it does allow viewers to road test the performance chops of an array of talent. You’ll find Yahoo Screen here.

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